un-tampered-with/found Chewbacca nut

(well, “un-tampered-with” excluding squirrels!)

another great OIAF!!

Labocca Juice, one of the greatest places on earth

make up your own title

Ottawa International Animation Festival 2012 Signal Film!

check out the cool signal film i was marginally involved in making! during last year’s festival all these amazing montreal artists came up to ottawa and jammed on a huge mural for several days (i popped in for a couple of hours). the mural was gorgeous, it’s on display this year. but this film they edited together with footage from the process is equally stunning. way to go, En Masse!!

these two look like they're up to no good at all

NYC back alley background


come say hi to me and Bill on saturday and sunday! i’ll have art and books to unload!

Beauty Salon pencil drawing!

can you guess which is me?