ADORABLE PUSSHOLE EYE! (is that a Soundgarden song?)

okay, the nose, mouth and clothing were added in photoshop, but the EYE was miraculous SERENDIPITY! i burned my finger on the oven rack, then a couple hours later while using the earbuds on my iphone i went to adjust the volume with that little doodad on the wire and that popped the blister, squirting me right in the face! too CUTE that the puss hole makes such an ADORABLE pupil!

watercolour close-up

wow, auction update!

holy crap, can you believe this is the venue of the Venus auction that i contributed a piece to? december 19th at the LYON City Hall.

big thanks again to Anne and Jerome for inviting me to take part.


my buddy Matt and i are gonna play some tunes at my open house on friday!! come bask in our GLOWWWW!


neat movie about my building's open house THIS FRIDAY!

my building is having an open house this friday!! come say hi!!

yay surgery!

one of my best friends is having life-saving surgery on november 7th. she has a rare brain condition called Chiari Malformation which has caused her unbelievable pain and misery for longer than most people could endure. i’m so blown away by her spirit and sense of humour during everything and i wanted to wish her luck, send her love, and make this silly movie for her on the night before she goes under the knife.
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