Craig + Joel's IT'S A FREE COUNTRY

recently i was lucky enough to be asked by my good friend Craig to do album art for his most recent CD.
Craig is an exemplary player, and such a fun/groovy new friend– he’s played solo whacko trumpet at two of my openings now (in fact, you can see/hear him in this film for my recent CottonCandy show!). this CD is all free jazz renditions of traditional country and western tunes. i saw Craig and Joel perform it just the other night and i have to say, it was pretty spectacular. i actually got choked up once, and laughed out loud once.
one noteworthy bit of trivia: on the very last track Craig created the effect of a chorus of people singing. he did this by recording his friends whenever they’d visit then layering the tracks. one day my kids Jake and Lily and i visited. lily refused to sing and instead laughed through jake and i singing! i thought, oh boy- we spoiled that one. but Craig ended up USING it and Lily’s laughing is so prominent! the very last thing on the whole CD is her exclaiming, “that’s CRAZY”. it’s so sweet!
signed “It’s a Free Country” CD
$24 (free shipping/handling)
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Fine Art Print, size ZANY!

here’s a Print i had made for my 2008 Los Angeles show. the original price was $750. but guess what? who the hell wants a Print that is nearly SEVEN FEET WIDE, but LESS THAN ONE FOOT TALL???
…maybe YOU! now just $240 including shipping/handling
the Print is a digitally stitched-together version of an 8-painting “octych”. you can see the groovy way it was exhibited here.
and here’s a small JPG of the piece stitched together. i have to say, the printing quality is spectacular.
Underbrush Octych
gicleé print
80″ x 10″

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oops- last Luggage Pinch Face post…

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Luggage Pinch Face 2

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Luggage Pinch Face