cool movie from Cotton Candy!

here’s a cool movie Cotton Candy put together with footage from my march 2-person TroyNixey/DaveCooper show! nice work, Riley! and big thanks to my good pal Craig for the awesome soundtrack!

[vimeo w=500&h=367]

album art for my pal Craig!

this for the impending release by my great friend/musician, Craig Pedersen

Gadd, tier 2

here are the pencils for the second tier of the Steve Gadd installment of “Brief Visits with Great Drummers”.
Steve Gadd Strip, tier 2
pencil on regular paper, 15 x 5.5″
(some residual non-repro blue printer ink)
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Screen shot 2013-03-05 at 2.09.18 PM copy

Sean and Ronin

BubbleButt edition 1 of 40 liquidation!

a buyer welshed on this sweet Print a while back and it’s been laying around the studio ever since. normally $240, now just $140, shipping/handling INCLUDED!
bubble butt (CMYK) copy
fine art gicleé
paper size: 27 x 26″
image size: 24 x 22.5
edition of 40 (1/40)


greatest recent work of art

a collaboration with my beautiful boy, jake. with special thanks to the very patient lily for the support and encouragement!


here’s a groovy little ditty i put together with my amazing brother, Andy! the impetus was that i had been messaging with a colleague about painting process and such. we got onto the subject of this Hanging Apparatus that i designed a couple of years ago. i had my friend John put it together and i’ve been 100% delighted with it ever since. in short it allows someone who paints on unstretched canvas to work on many large paintings even with limited wall space. check it out!

fancy new Norwegian-funded short film on horizon!

click below


check out my little PIP on the floor (bottom left) in the office of The Great John Lasseter!! thanks Peter for sending the snap.