Succuba Vinyl with 4 panel Gatefold Poster

Uglydolls Inks pt 4

here’s the fourth part of that Uglydolls comic strip I did a while back. in this one Ninja Batty Shogun frees Tray from his branch jam
Uglydolls Inks pt 4
graphite on polypropylene, 13 x 11.5″
$200 (shipping/handling included)

grueling 5-year-long job interview ends in TRIUMPH!!!

for those of you who’ve been following my NICKLDN tv development journey, i’d like to virtually grab you by the shoulders, shake you dizzy, and scream into your shocked face that johnny’s and my tv show PIGGOATBANANACRICKET just got a GREENLIGHT from the head NICKLDN honcho in NYC!! we have our own tv show, guys!!! below are johnny’s and my texts to each other a few hours after the big news. i was drunk in the lovely town of Wakefield Quebec, giddily processing with two of my best friends in the world!!

upcoming SHOW!

please come to my special show at La Petite Mort Gallery here in Ottawa on the 19th! …the show is affiliated with the great Ottawa International Animation Festival. i’m putting up a TON of really affordable drawings and doodles. there will be amazing live music, drinks, and lots of wonderful people. maybe even a couple of musical surprises…
also a cool (super-affordable, specially priced)  inaugural Fine Art Print to celebrate my new Printing Venture!
Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 2.40.19 PM

Screen shot 2013-07-20 at 12.35.01 PM

can you guess which one i like best?


a Director friend of mine made a movie recently. so i went to see it, and i have to say i was TOTALLY MINDBLOWN. my son and i enjoyed it a million percent!! i strongly encourage everybody to go see this small film by a very talented Mexican filmmaker! (but seriously guys, go see PACIFIC RIM!! it’s breathtaking!)
Screen shot 2013-07-19 at 3.17.52 PM


handsomest man contest ends in TIE!!


every year it's the new best father's day ever

Fine Art Print, size ZANY!

here’s a Print i had made for my 2008 Los Angeles show. the original price was $750. but guess what? who the hell wants a Print that is nearly SEVEN FEET WIDE, but LESS THAN ONE FOOT TALL???
…maybe YOU! now just $240 including shipping/handling
the Print is a digitally stitched-together version of an 8-painting “octych”. you can see the groovy way it was exhibited here.
and here’s a small JPG of the piece stitched together. i have to say, the printing quality is spectacular.
Underbrush Octych
gicleé print
80″ x 10″