super exciting!

just keep in mind this is “development” not “going into production” yet. please cross all your fingers and toes for me over the next several months!!
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MASTODON gig poster

Mastodon is one of my favourite bands, and Brann Dailor one of my favourite drummers. so back in 2010 i became OBSESSED with the idea of doing a gig poster for them. especially when i noticed they were having a show in Austin (a town i was jonesing to visit) on my BIRTHDAY! my pal Tara McPherson helped me get in touch with the band’s management and the poster became a reality. super-cool. (by the way, i’ve since had the great honour of meeting the band TWICE, and have interviewed Brann as part of my upcoming -but at the moment still top secret- series of comicstrip interviews with great drummers.)

Mastodon FunFunFunFest gig poster, 2010
5-colour fine art Serigraph,
signed/numbered edition of 300 (i have 1 – 70)
22 x 30.5″

The Horrifying Box Cutter Incident

it’s not often there’s this much drama and carnage at the DaveGraphics International head office! let’s just say, next time you need to build a box for the biggest poster you’ve ever produced* for a Swede living in SanFrancisco, take greater-than-usual care!

* it’s a 6″ tall, bus-shelter-sized poster from the Holland Animation Festival that i did several years ago. i just unearthed a few- i’ll offer them eventually in the soon-to-grow Prints section

Paris Print

forty dave cooper characters for Paris, 2011
is a 1-colour fine art Serigraph Print that was made to commemorate my visit to Paris in September of 2011. i was there attending a really exciting group show put on by the amazing “Hey” magazine. Hey is a wonderful periodical that chronicles the goings on of weird painters like myself… but Hey is also an amazing group of people! they put on an incredible show, and were terrific hosts. i have numbered Prints 44/85 – 85/85

“forty dave cooper characters for Paris, 2011″
Serigraph Print, edition of 85
19.5 x 27.5”
Rivoli paper, acid free, 280 gr. 1 colour

my studio, 6am

i always say- the only thing that could improve this place is if i opened the drapes and was looking down on Central Park- click to enlarge

Conor's thumb

my buddy Conor mangled his thumb a while back. he sent me before and after snapshots of the nastiness. so i adjusted those two pics and then made the third with my family– as a get well triptych. (click to enlarge)

tissue on melting ice. spring is coming

Peering Over/Looking Back, pt 6.

holy crap, even I can hardly tell the difference between these 3 separate days of work! no wonder i get so bummed out during the middle phases. it’s always the same: in the beginning there’s TONS of great progress, at the end it’s like you’re wrapping a kickass gift. but in the middle i’m just wandering around in the desert, clueless. i know from experience that it will work out in the end, but there’s still always that little part of me that thinks, “okay, it’s over. the well has officially run dry.”

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mini video interview by Bruce Deachman