MASTODON gig poster

Mastodon is one of my favourite bands, and Brann Dailor one of my favourite drummers. so back in 2010 i became OBSESSED with the idea of doing a gig poster for them. especially when i noticed they were having a show in Austin (a town i was jonesing to visit) on my BIRTHDAY! my pal Tara McPherson helped me get in touch with the band’s management and the poster became a reality. super-cool. (by the way, i’ve since had the great honour of meeting the band TWICE, and have interviewed Brann as part of my upcoming -but at the moment still top secret- series of comicstrip interviews with great drummers.)

Mastodon FunFunFunFest gig poster, 2010
5-colour fine art Serigraph,
signed/numbered edition of 300 (i have 1 – 70)
22 x 30.5″

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    yes, absolutely i ship to england. same price for everyone. only drawback is that to ship over the pond at that shipping rate i have to go with boat rather than plane, so it’ll take 4 – 6 wks.

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