i was hoping to interview the great Ian Paice yesterday when he was in town with Deep Purple. unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. but i did get to meet “The Mule”.

this is a guy i’ve worshipped since i was 13. in fact, way back then i drew a poster that hung behind my drumkit– it was a montage of John Bonham, Nicko McBrain, and in the center: IAN PAICE. he was also a regular on this wonky instructional ’80s tv show called Rock School. it was his appearances on that show that were my first exposure to hearing a great drummer explain and demonstrate how they do what they do. anyhoo, Dave and Matt of Dave’s Drumshop were kind enough to invite my pal Milad and i to the concert afterwards.

i saw Mr Paice in this same venue in '85!!

oops, i almost forgot– we also had BURGERS AT IRENE’S. whoa, that was delicious!!

thanks fellers! and thanks, Mr. Paice!