Peering Over/Looking Back, pt 7.

here are a couple of shots that were taken during several of the final days on “Peering”. things got a little too dense and saturated -as they often do- so i obscured/lightened quite a few things with some semi-opaque glazes and opaque marks. it’s always good to unsettle areas that are too precious and defined– i find it can restore a spirit of authenticity and spontaneity sometimes.
it’s frustrating as hell not knowing where you’re going in the middle phases, but it does lead to this great mistake-making, and repeated give/take that ultimately gives the piece character and a kind of patina.
and just as plopping down confident white highlights can give you a rush of accomplishment, drawing authoritative, bright, opaque lines on a muddy, sloppy area can feel like you’re creating order with the hand of god. like tidying a room with the wave of your hand. if only the whole process was like that.